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The Regulatory Team continually monitors world-wide regulations that affect the serum industry.  We post important information we receive first to LinkedIn with a link to this website.  

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September 11, 2020/ Serum Importation from USA into Mexico
                                         ISIA Statement

Based on questions from several members, and with input from our legal team, ISIA has recommended to USDA that the word “any” be removed from the affidavit for import into Mexico. 
We would ask that rather than sign this affidavit, members join us in working to convince SAGARPA and USDA to change the wording to:
        which is designed to destroy, inactivate or eliminate any viruses, bacteria or causal
        agents that can cause animal health risk.

(Read the complete Statement)

August 28, 2020/ 131 Top Forms Online Submission Only - Export Health Certificates (3rd countries)

This is a reminder that you should no longer be submitting applications by email for any of the top 131 most commonly used Export Health Certificates and you should instead be using EHC Online.  
  Reference Guides
     Export health Certificates Available 
     EHC Online Manage Access
     Guidance of Exporters to Manage EHC App

(Read the complete details)

August 13, 2020/ APHIS Awards Contracts to Provide up to Eight Million Low-Frequency Radio Frequency Identification Tags to Cattle and Bison Producers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) recently awarded contracts to purchase up to eight million low-frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags, which will help increase overall animal disease traceability in cattle and bison. The contract allows APHIS to purchase additional tags each year for up to five years.
(Read the complete details)

August 26, 2020 /  PLEASE READ: The European Commission has decided NOT to transition to TRACES NT in early September; they are reviewing and setting a new timeline.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Switch to IPAFFS for POAO/CHED-P import notifications on 7 Sept 2020
(Read the complete details)

August 24, 2020 / CALL TO ACTION - 2 weeks to go until switch to IPAFFS for GB import notifications - POAO/CHED-P

(Read the complete details)

Quick Reference Guide

August 19, 2020 / Countdown: GB Importers/those responsible for load - Switch to IPAFFS for POAO/CHED-P import notifications on 7 Sept 2020

(Read the complete details)

July 30, 2020 / APHIS  Notice on Live Animal Import and Transit Permits                                       Effective Immediately

July 24, 2020 / Notification from DEFRA - POAO 3rd country imports notifications - changes to systems - This was submitted to ISIA as having High Importance

June 9, 2020/ Regulation (EU) 2020/762 amending Regulation (EU) No 142/2011 as regards microbiological standards for raw pet food, requirements concerning approved establishments, technical parameters applicable to the alternative method Brookes’ gasification process and hydrolysis of rendered fats, and exports of processed manure, certain blood, blood products and intermediate products. (more info)

       Amending Regulation

May 28, 2020/ Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/714 of 28 May 2020 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/466 as regards the use of electronic documentation for the performance of official controls and other official activities and the period of application of temporary measures published on 28 May 2020. (more info)

       Amending Regulation

May 11/UPDATE: Extended Immediately through July 18, 2020: USDA APHIS Allows Copies of Veterinary Health Certificate in ACE-DIS for Shipment Clearance due to COVID-19 Pandemic  

April 10/ Message from USDA APHIS -- EU -HPAI ban on the Entire United States: Effects Certificates for Most Poultry Derivatives that are not highly processed: 3E, 3F, 4C, 8, and RCG 

NVSL confirmed on April 8, 2020 HPAI in a commercial turkey meat premises in South Carolina. APHIS attempted to convince the EU to zone and ban only a portion of South Carolina (or at least only South Carolina), but the EU has insisted that their regulation requires USDA to (at least temporarily) immediately stop endorsement of the certificates for fresh/frozen meat to and transiting the EU from the entire United States.     (See all info by clicking link above)

April 8/ USDA APHIS Allows Copies of Veterinary Health Certificate in ACE-DIS due to COVID-19

Effective Immediately through May 16, 2020: USDA APHIS Allows Copies of Veterinary Health Certificate in ACE-DIS for Shipment Clearance due to COVID-19 Pandemic

March 20 / TRACES.NT Registration Process - Business Readiness

March 10/TRACES NT users – completion of box I.28 to avoid delays to consignments 
Slide deck with details.

March 3/ Transition to TRACES New Technology for Live Animals 01:00 GMT 5 March 2020

Feb. 20/  URGENT - Importers of live animals, POAO or HRFNAO from outside the EU must prepare for system changes next week

Business Readiness- Registration Journey

Feb. 13/ Importers of HRFNAO from outside the EU must use TRACES NT now.              Please use this link to read this important information from DEFRA



TWO NEW REGULATIONS FROM DEFRA:  Smarter Rules for Safer Food

Click here to access this information.

DEFRA Import and Export Newsletter - 

ISIA, as an important "Stakeholder" for serum import and export, is now receiving newsletters from DEFRA regarding BREXIT.  As each issue arrives we will post it here on the ISIA website and LinkedIn.   

UK will leave the European Union on 31st January 2020/ Important Updates for our IndustryJanuary 28th, 2020

Issue #1 -  8 August, 2019    
Issue #2 -  9 September, 2019
     Process Map Exporting Meat of Animal Origin
Issue #3 -  24 September, 2019
Issue #4 - 8 October, 2019
Issue #5 - 15 Ocotober, 2019
Changes in trade of animals and animal products from December 14, 2019 - action required

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Press Releases

UK secures 'listed status' to protect £5bn export market
USDA Risk Assessment - Phase 2 is under way!
Country of Origin vs Source-  We are finally in a position to determine the actual geographic SOURCE of the material as distinct from Country of Origin - ie: the country where the last substantial and irreversible transformation took place.  Your regulatory team is investigating this with a view to devise some satisfactory definitions as industry benchmarks.

September 2018 - Changes to USDA import permits and export certificates for fetal bovine serum to and from Canada APHIS and CFIA

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