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Countries of Origin

Countries of Origin for Bovine Serums

The knowledge of what a material is and where it was sourced is the core of the ISIA Traceability Program, and is critical to the credibility of the industry with customers and regulators. Almost the first action of the Association after it was formed was to agree on the definition of "origin". This is currently defined as the location where the animal was killed or, in the case of donor animals, where the blood was collected. This definition may be narrowed in the future. According to the ISIA Traceability Program, Certificates of Origin or Analysis must reflect all origins present (if in fact a mixture of sources exists) and also reflect the percentages of each. ISIA strongly discourages the use of mixtures of sources except in specific instances such as Central American serum.

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ISIA also discourages the use of misnomers in sourcing nomenclature. We recognize that there is no such thing as "USDA Approved", "USDA Grade". "EU" Approved or "EU Grade", but understand that the customer is used to this terminology and that it will take intensive effort to eliminate these descriptions.