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2017 ISIA Annual Meeting

Tour Options

Below you will find links to companies that are offering tours to China after the annual meeting specifically designed for our meeting attendees and their guests.

The first tour is through Gulliver's Travel (SIKA World Tours). In this document you will find two tour options - one for 3 nights/ 2 days and one for 5 nights/ 6 days. These tours are scheduled to depart Hong Kong on Friday, May 5th. You will also find the link to the reservation form needed by Gulliver's Travel.

The second tour is through Access China Tours. This tour is a longer, more in depth tour of China and lasts 12 nights/ 13 days. This tour is scheduled to depart Hong Kong on Saturday, May 6th. you will also find the link to the reservation form needed by Access China.

You will find that the tours all have outstanding accommodations in all cities and travel arrangements that will make for a wonderful experience in China. These tour companies have been recommended or used by ISIA members in the past and have found them to be excellent in their tours and in their attentiveness to each traveller. However, ISIA takes no responsibilty for what is offered by each tour company and your experience on the tour.

If you plan to go on one of the 3 or 5 night tours, please contact the tour company directly.

If you plan to go on the 12 night tour, please contact Julia ( and she will put you in touch with the tour company. This tour will be limited to 10 persons. Another tour can be arranged if more than 10 people wish to take advantage of this tour. FYI - Julia is travelling on this tour!

TOURS - 3 nights/ 2 days & 5 nights/ 6 days

TOUR - 12 nights/ 13 days